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At Integrity Crane Training, LLC, everything we do is aimed at creating a safe workplace! We know that qualifications and certifications are only valuable when they are supported by the proper training. We work hard to prepare our students with the understanding and skill set to maintain a safe and effective work environment at all times.

We use a training curriculum that complies with OSHA and ANSI standards. When your people complete the training, they will leave with written materials, including handbooks, manuals and references to other literature and resources to help them apply the lessons they’ve learned.

Integrity Crane Training is led by Wendell Pruitt. Wendell has more than 25 years of crane and rigging experience, including:

  • Service Lifting and Heavy Rigging (500+ tons)
  • Crane Operation: Operator experience ranged from small hydraulic to large lattice, land-based and barge-mounted ringer cranes, long boom and luffing jib configurations.
  • Crane Supervision and Management: As a crane supervisor/manager, Wendell regularly observed and assessed the abilities of operators on his team, gaining firsthand experience directing operators in the field. He also planned and directed lifts, coordinating all aspects including figuring counterweight, ground support, boom configuration, crane size, crane erection and disassembly and more.
  • Crane and Rigging Subject Matter Expert: Wendell has served as the sole crane and rigging subject matter expert for a leading utility construction firm.
  • Crane Training: Wendell has trained hundreds of crane personnel in the areas of service offered by Integrity Crane Training. He is highly regarded as an effective and engaging trainer.

In addition to his experience in the field of crane operation and crane training, Wendell is a skilled public speaker. He uses humor, industry knowledge and skills developed as both a crane trainer and a preacher to truly connect with his classroom. He is recognized for keeping his students engaged and interested in the material and for delivering trainings that are highly reviewed by those who participate.

Wendell will work with you closely to schedule a training that meets your team’s needs. Services can be delivered at or near your facility on a schedule that is appropriate for the type of training you request.

Wendell Pruitt, Integrity Crane Training

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